Brand strategy.

Is your brand connecting with your desired audience?

To come back in the game or to change the perception of your Brand or to correct its course - Brand Positioning can greatly help you.We believe Meaningful Branding has the power to inspire Human Behaviour. We build your brand in a way that's true to its Personality. 

We believe that Aspiration is the "single-common denominator" across all cultures and societies. This informs every brand we build and every connection we make. It is not just our way of seeing the world, this is our Strategic Vision that guides how we build strong brands. 

Brand Proposition

Brand Proposition is also known as Brand Core or Brand Essence. Simply put, it is what your Brand stands for and it lies at the Core of your Brand. What drives your customers to be associated with you, to be loyal to your Brand? What makes your employees come to work every day? If your organization didn’t exist, would it have mattered? Why should anyone care?

Brand Proposition is the strategic framework that answers all of the above questions. It is a single, unified, strategic platform on which your Brand can thrive. And you may be surprised to know this, but the answers to above questions already exist, within your organization. It lies at the perfect intersection of your beliefs, employees, customers, and competition. We unearth it from within your business.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is very often confused with Brand Proposition. The truth is, it is only an off-shoot. There is a subtle difference between Brand Proposition and Brand Positioning. While Proposition is discovered from within the organisation, Positioning is identified and fabricated position in the marketplace based on dynamics.

Blue Tree is a Premier Brand Strategy Consultancy that specializes in defining Brand Positioning.

Brand re-positioning yields maximum returns in below scenarios:

  • The Corporate Brand is already established and now launching a new product or service. You need to position it right.
  • All the competitors talk in a similar manner and make similar promises. You need to be different. Brand Positioning will help you.
  • The market is rather drab and nobody really talks to the customers. Take the first movers advantage by repositioning your Brand.
  • Your products or services are considered expensive. Reposition your Brand to make them see the value in the purchase.
  • Your products or services are considered substandard, and they lackluster. But in reality, you are on par with the competition. Enhance the Brand image.
  • The market is homogeneous and there is little or no difference between the competitors. Strengthen your value proposition.
  • You have just started up. Now, own a strong Positioning Platform that differentiates you.

To come back in the game or to change the perception of your Brand or to correct its course - Brand Positioning can greatly help you.

Brand Naming

We craft names that are relevant, unique and endearing. All at the same time.

Great names stand out. And are memorable. They greatly influence the Brand Equity. While it may appear easy to craft names, it is not so simple. Naming is a detailed, strategic process. Yes, a bunch of people scribbling on sheets of paper can generate very creative names. But, naming a brand, product or service needs alignment with the Strategic Framework of the Brand. Therefore, before beginning your Naming Process, you must have sound Brand Strategy in place.

Your Brand Name and your Brand Strategy have to work together to communicate larger Brand Story. Names shouldn’t be overloaded with meaning. They should be simple, effective and memorable.

Our Naming Services include:

  • Corporate Brand Naming
  • Product or Service Naming
  • Variant or Flavour Naming
  • Naming Research
  • Naming Hierarchy

Brand Tonality & Messaging (Tone of Voice)

It is the most underrated component of Brand Identity but can be profoundly useful in building the right image and association. A Brand’s Tone of Voice is how the Brand speaks. The Tone and Manner help personify the Brand and creates Emotional Connection with the customers.

A Brand that has an Authoritative Tone is considered serious and non-friendly. On the other hand, a Brand that has fun, joyous Tone to its messaging is considered amicable.

This may be highly ignored domain today. Large corporations have already started realizing the importance of Brand’s Tonality and are communicating with set guidelines. Blue Tree defines the Brand’s Tonality in detail and we also give you set of words that you should and should not use for your communication. Just like every individual’s Tone and Manner, brands too should own a Tone of Voice. Businesses should be consistent at every touchpoint.

Consistency inspires trust.

Verbal Identity, along with Visual Brand Identity design, together make the Brand cohesively recognizable.